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AS9136 BGP Communities

At AS9136 we support communities for informational and control purposes. Which communites are available to you depends on your type of connection (transit, customer or peer) with us. If you find that you are missing certain information or features, please contact us as a peer by mail at - Transit customers are welcome to open a ticket the usual way.

Informational Communities

Informational communities propagate information about the prefixes and enable you to get insights or filter on the basis of this information. These communities are available to all connected networks, whether transit customer or peer.

Origin type

Community Name Description
9136:200 From Internal Prefix comes from a different internal router
9136:201 From Upstream Prefix comes from a transit provider
9136:202 From Customer Prefix comes from a downstream
9136:203 From Peer Prefix comes from a peering session

Origin Country

Community Name
9136:6000 From Country Germany
9136:6100 From Country Netherlands

Origin region

Community Name
9136:6001 From Region Wolfsburg
9136:6002 From Region Berlin
9136:6003 From Region Frankfurt
9136:6004 From Region Düsseldorf
9136:6101 From Region Amsterdam

Origin IXP

IXP origin communities will be supported shortly.

Community Name Description

Control Communites

Control communities allow you to specify where and how a prefix is distributed by us.

Well-known communities

Community Name Information Accepted from
no-export No Export / 65535:65281 Do not announce the prefix to any eBGP peer Any
no-advertise No Advertise / 65535:65282 Do not announce the prefix to any other router Any


Community Name Information Accepted from
65535:666 Blackhole Discard any traffic destined to this prefix
Customer prefixes with this community will be redistributed to Upstreams/Peerings for remote blackholing.

Advanced export control

! This community is not supported for all ASNs. We're working on automatic rollout for every directly connected ASN. More features are to come.

Community Name Information Accepted from
64512:\<asn> Do not export to \<asn> Do not announce the prefix to eBGP peers with the given \<asn> Customers
64513:\<asn> Prepend once to \<asn> Prepend once on eBGP sessions to the given \<asn> Customers
64514:\<asn> Prepend twice to \<asn> Prepend once on eBGP sessions to the given \<asn> Customers