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AS9136 ISP Information Site

WOBCOM GmbH (AS9136) is an ISP, based in Wolfsburg, Germany. We provide internet and telephony services for residential and business customers in Wolfsburg, as well as IP-Transit and L2 services at all DC locations you can find at our PeeringDB Entry. We're also operating a datacenter in Wolfsburg. If you're interested reach out to us!

Network Policy

  • We aim to deliver a reliable und fast connectivity from and to our customers and partner.
  • We believe in net neutrality: We treat every packet equal, no matter what's inside, where it comes from or where it's going.
  • We ensure there are no congested backbone links in our network.

Peering Policy

WOBCOM has an open peering policy

We ask you to:

  • have an up-to-date PeeringDB record
  • have well maintained IRR records
  • RPKI ROAs, where possible

We usually peer at route servers but aim to set up direct BGP sessions for important peers. We prefer setting up a PNI from 500~1000Mbit/s Traffic in any direction. We welcome the following setup:

  • 2x 10GBit/s (10G-LR, 1310nm) or 1x 100GBit/s (100G-LR4, 1310nm)
  • 2 BGP Sessions using 2 Routers

Peering Facts

Autonomous System 9136
Max. Prefix IPv4 400
Max. Prefix IPv6 100
NOC Contact
Peering Contact
Looking Glass

Routing Policy

  • No smaller prefixes than IPv4/24 or IPv6/48 are accepted
  • Bogons are rejected
  • RPKI invalids are dropped
  • Prefix filtering based on IRR is applied on all sessions